Does anyone know how I can quickly and easily scan a book? I got a book that's literally not available anywhere else through an interlibrary loan, and I want to free this book if possible. I think I might end up having to take pictures, but I want to avoid that if possible

Bad colors 

I haven't griped about it yet, so here: My university's chosen color for their branding is literally the worst. It's just a very bright mustard yellow. Here's a link if any of you want to see it for yourself:

Trust me, it looks terrible when an entire wall is painted that color

Facial hair 

One of the many fun things about having both facial hair and long hair is that you can change your face shape pretty easily. Of course, the downside is that if I stop taking care of myself, then I can start looking weird if I don't adjust to whatever my face is doing

Chem lab 

I'm doing a chem lab this semester and it's legitimately the worst. I got back the score for my first lab report and the only feedback that I got was that I should follow the lab instructions better to get more points. Like, how is that useful feedback? I'm mad, and the only saving grace of this class is that it'll be curved.

Letters to nowhere 

This might be a weird question, but does anyone know of a way to send a letter to nowhere? I want to write a letter to someone I no longer talk to, and let it go by sending it away. I could just put in the envelope without an address I guess, but that seems like it would be rude to the poor postal workers. Is there a place I can just send a random letter to?


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