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me, ages 16-19: why are all the girls I like gay

me, age 20: oh

sorry, I can't make it, my gender's in the shop for repairs

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@tejasunku hey, Teja! never thought I'd see anyone else on Mastodon


well, I did it. didn't actually hurt at all. fuck, though, it took two hours to psych myself up enough to do it

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I have injectable estradiol now but I'm putting off taking it because I'm scared of needles. what do

ben shapiro tweet screenshot 

ben having a normal one this year

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and he really cannot help being an ass about it. I only figured it out last year because benny was whining about it on twitter

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the really excruciating thing about my birthday being today is that I have to share with ben shapiro

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ec, video game character 

this is the pic that started it all back in 2017

mmm hamborger

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my brother straight up bought me a fuckin sword for xmas


standing on the edge of a cliff and shouting off into the void, "please like and subscribe"

ayy and I have fixed another issue with the mastodon deployment which was ultimately my fault anyway

my gender has been passed down in the family for generations

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it's kind of shallow to date someone just because they have a nice gender, don't you think?

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