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first day of classes and the college's enrollment system is down. always a good start

staying up late before the first day of class is always a healthy and good use of my time

hello all lovely people is back online and bigger and gayer than ever

boobs talk 

I had a chat with my roommate and she just didn't notice I have boobs?? I was already out as trans before this conversation. The Cis are truly oblivious


oh no I've gone and pissed everyone off with my incendiary opinion about that thing that everyone likes

then again I'm not monosexual either so maybe that's it. the bi's and the pans are among the few species of gay able to drive

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I know the meme is The Gays Can't Drive but I'm a rural gay and didn't have a choice in learning for logistical reasons

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feeling very proud because I put on my big enby pants and changed my car's oil myself

I'm up at 4am. why:

a. can't I sleep
b. do I feel creative
c. am I more fucking eloquent than during the day
d. am I like this

that feel when you put effort into your new ttrpg character and then the party does such stupid bullshit that you cannot in character justify sticking with them

Vote biden if you must, but arguing that Biden is more pressurable is... factually untrue. Did Clinton cave to social movements? Did Obama? Did any of the democratic mayors in the recent uprisings against police brutality?



plants were invented by Big Dirt to sell more dirt

daydreaming about having horns for aesthetic reasons

I think I'm doing a new thing but you never know let's check if it's been done before

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