mom says you have to take me with you to go to the gender with your friends

mom says the gender is for both of us and we have to share

gee billy how come your mom lets you have two genders

going to your rich friends house in elementary school to play on the gender your parents wont buy you

growing up and realizing you can just go to the store and buy a gender whenever you want

insert soup store meme but replace soup with gender

back in my day we didn't use instant gender mix, we made it from scratch and it was better that way

a society grows great when old men plant genders which they know they will never trans

did you see the 3 for 2 sale on genders at kmart

getting a gender license is an important part of growing up

gender sauce on my pasta at the cheesecake factory

ugh. I got mugged today. they took my wallet, my keys, and my gender

i bought too much gender at costco it's starting to go bad

they sure don't make genders like they did when I was a kid

firearm mention, hunting 

wearing full camo out in the woods with a gun hoping to bag a gender to take home to the family

hoping that Santa left you a gender under the tree this year

stocking stuffer mini-genders at the store, perfect for the kids

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