as an american, what is with american bread? why is it all spongy and soft and sweet and crustless? why is everything pre-sliced? why is impossible to find good crusty french bread outside of a big city? why do grocery stores dedicate a whole aisle to shelves of nearly identical spongy white breads? why is black bread so rare? is there a meaningful difference between a standard loaf of white american bread and a loaf of american brioche?

I wanna try emacs. I kinda but not really know vim. emacs folks, what do you recommend? vanilla, spacemacs, doom emacs? something else?

is there any creature more wretched than the lowly gamer

if I were in an analytical mindset, and I am, I might say that this usage is an attempt, whether conscious or not, to make LGBTQ people other. to treat them not only as lesser, but entirely different

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what is it about LGBTQ folks that straight people just have no idea to talk about us? like "gay" and "transgender" as nouns. or the usage of "transwoman" / "transman" like it's all one word. or whatever the hell "transgendered" is about

it's so hard being a thembo *reclines on couch, fans self* there's so much "destroying the gender binary and capitalism and the patriarchy" to do


I just loked at the change the cashier at Arbys gave me!! I saw most of the coims were marked D (democrat!),,, I told that pizza face that I,m a redblooded Aamerican and I don 't take money from traitors! Join me in demanding real currency of the USA of A!!!

One Of These Days I'm going to go on a rant where I critically examine why I like cyberpunk so much

It's easy to become desensitised to this now that "hottest temperature ever recorded" and "severe wildfires" have become news items we hear twice a year.

Do not become desensitised.

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Apparently registration of .gay domains opens on the 8th

throwback to that one time my friends went to women dot com and it was like feminist news and then they went to men dot com and it was porn

what a beautiful day it is to abolish prisons

I want to use Pleroma because it's technically superior but I don't want to be associated with the kind of person who uses Pleroma

that feel when you finally get to the part of math where the objects aren't numbers

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