hot spicy take 

dishwasher and laundry pods are inferior to a bottle of the respective sauce

I'm listening to No Son Of Mine by Genesis and having trans feelings

being on my tiny server is a trip. no one outside the server will see this post. no one will interact with this post. it's the freedom and hopelessness of throwing messages in bottles out into the ocean


peeling a lime and eating the sections like a mandarin

nonbinary gender angst 

my answer to "do I pass" is neither yes nor no. it's that the concept doesn't apply. the question is wrong.

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nonbinary gender angst 

I'm happy for all you binary trans folks out there who are able to pass, but at the same time it puts a bad taste in my mouth. the goal is to become invisible? "normal"?

being trans is a gift, in this asshole's opinion. it's just what cis people think about it that sucks

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nonbinary gender angst 

as a nonbinary trans person the notion of "passing" is foreign to my experience. passing isn't an option for me because my society by and large rejects the idea of more than two genders. there's no choices I could make about my appearance that would perform my gender in the same way that a binary person performs their gender


what's with my aversion to "creative writing"? I've managed to make peace with technical writing because writing code and documentation thereof is my job now, but as soon as my brain identifies something as creative writing it shuts down and refuses to work

what if I used a damped harmonic oscillator to animate my smooth zoom animation...



me: I need to go to the store today, I wonder if the roads are clear.

I look out the window. the fog is so thick, I can barely see the next closest apartment

nevermind, then. staying in bed today sounds good.

I posit that gender is isomorphic to a higher order function on the reals

hrt, injections 

the HRT saga continues. holy fuck. I almost passed out while giving myself my injection this week. hot tip for yall: make sure you're not hungry when you give yourself an injection

is there any creature more wretched than the lowly gamer


on the other hand, I ate an apple and drank some cold water and it was very calming. like my sense of taste had been sharpened

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mh -, hrt 

I wonder if it's because I did my second estradiol injection today.

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mh - 

having a bit of an emotional time tonight out of the blue and I'm not sure why. like I'm suddenly emotional about the cruelty and suffering of the world at large

me, ages ?-19: why can't I sit in chairs like a normal person

me, age 21: oh

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